To feel your best, wearing clean clothes and having clean bedding are real sources of comfort and security. As a matter of respect and dignity, clean clothes are necessary, especially for children in school and working adults, and even for attending church. Many of us take convenient home laundry for granted, but for large families and people with limited income, laundry can be a huge chore and quite costly.   Laundry Love helps some families and individuals get their laundry done in a loving family-friendly way.

As I write this, I am washing my own laundry at home. But we travel extensively with a camper where water is limited, and laundromats are an inconvenient necessity. This has brought us awareness of the incredible blessings we enjoy. My husband and I have supported Laundry Love since its original organization in Fort Worth. In the past year, we have made a monthly pledge to this program through our church. We encourage anyone who can help to give – even a few quarters will make a difference.